Kammakshi Petroleum Centers

Utsaav Jewelers

Pure Insights

Travel kamxi (your best travel partner)

Kammakshi tech Solutions (digital marketing & branding partner)

kammakshi Infra

ICICI pru life insurance (finantial adviser/partner)

kammakshi Restro

Kammakshi group of companies



Provides the exquisite goods and services possible.



Kammakshi industry stays loyal to its customers.


Consistent Quality

Every feild we go into we maintain outstanding quality

Our Bussiness


Petrolium Center

Investing in a petrol pump chain across Maharashtra and Goa

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Utsaav jewelers

a brand that is coveted for its promise of innovative designs, exemplary quality of workmanship and trust that spans over 60years.

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Pure Insights

Pure Insights strikes the perfect balance between bringing in ourself, and factoring in your brief, whilst transforming a space into something that you can truly call, your oasis.

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Travel Kamxi

Travel Kamxi take pride in selections of our partner, incredible rates, and added benefits that we curate to make your gateway extra awesome.

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At Kammakshi Tech Solution we believe in understanding your core business model and your definition of a successful business.

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Kammakshi Group Of Companies has partnered with one of the best insurance company in the world Icici pru life insurance to get your future secure.

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The Founder:

Dinesh Gije

Chairperson and Managing Director

Our Chairman and Managing Director Mr. Dinesh Gije is the first generation entrepreneur. The legacy of values he carries has shaped the firm foundations of Kammakshi Group Of Companies He highlighted areas that will not just hold a team together but nurture them which will in turn build a strong organization that would be capable of stupendous success. His values of putting people before business is an inherent underlying weave that makes Kammakshi Group Of Companies an organization where its team goes beyond professional associations. Our CMD Mr. Dinesh Gije is Govt. Gold Valuer In India. His experience of more than 42 years in Bullion Business brings loyalty and dedication in respected field.

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kammakshi Group Of Companies consists of 9 entitie which are kammakshi Petroleum Centres, Utsaav Jewelers (60 Years Of Fine Jewellery), Kammakshi Tech Solutions (Digital Marketing & Branding Partner), Pure Insights (Interior Designing Firm), Travel Kamxi (Travel Agency), Kammakshi Lunch Home (Restaurants), Kammakshi Infrastructure, Kammakshi Insurance Services. The Group has established a leadership position in Maharashtra in each of its business areas.